Tattoo Artist

Meet Rudy – the tattoo maestro who’s been there, done that, and knows just how baffling it can be to find the perfect tattoo artist.

Having spent almost a decade in the inky trenches, Rudy has been the go-to guy for hundreds of clients in and around Toledo. Not just local, he’s inked thousands more at tattoo conventions across the country. And guess what? He’s a self-taught prodigy who started this fascinating journey at fifteen.

Fast forward to today, Rudy’s love for tattooing is as vibrant as his first day on the job. His art is continually evolving, always striving to be the best version of himself both creatively and personally. He’s turned thousands of skin canvases into extraordinary pieces of art, helping people achieve their dream tattoos that reflect their unique personality.

Step into Steel Addictions, and you’ll find Rudy working his magic. He loves working closely with his clients, helping them find that tattoo which fills them with joy and satisfaction. Want a sneak peek into his daily life, his valuable tattoo advice or just the latest industry scoop? Tune in to his Snapchat!

But that’s not all Rudy is about. When he’s not creating spectacular tattoos, you’ll find him soaking up quality time with his two artsy kids. He cherishes these moments more than anything.

Need a new tattoo, or want to breathe life into an old one? Rudy’s your man. He takes pride in providing solutions for all your tattoo dilemmas. Book an appointment with him, and you’re in for a ride of confidence and satisfaction.

And don’t forget – Rudy is a massive supporter of local artists in all forms of art. So if you’re an artist looking for some support, Rudy’s got your back.