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Click here to read our rules before you book your appointment.

Clients 18+ MUST have a valid, state-issued, photo I.D.

» Driver’s License
» Passport
» Military I.D.
» Etc.

As required by the Ohio Health Department

Clients under 18 MUST have a valid photo I.D.

»  Driver’s License
»  State I.D.
»  Passport
»  Etc.
»  *Yearbook photos, powerschool screenshots, etc are NOT acceptable forms of ID*
AND Birth Certificate/Guardianship Papers.

AND Parent/Guardian listed on the birth certificate/guardianship papers.

It is required from the Ohio Health Department to have all 3 pieces, no exceptions.

Clients 7*-13 are eligible for Ear Lobe Piercings only, with the above documentation required.

*Clients of any age must be able to personally consent to being pierced.

Unique, Beautiful, Quality
Steel Addictions is home to Toledo’s most creative, experienced, and professional body piercers. Our skilled piercers take pride in being able to find the perfect accent to your unique anatomy. We exclusively use only the best internally threaded, implant grade titanium and steel, niobium, glass, and nickel-free gold body jewelry from the top manufacturers around the world. All our body piercings are performed in clean, private booths with top of the line Statim vacuum sterilization used for each individual client. With our professional staff, clean environment, and extensive jewelry selection, you can be sure you will receive your perfect piercing. Schedule your appointment today and see for yourself why we were voted “Best Piercing Studio” so many times, they got rid of the category!
Cancellation Policy

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR BOOKING FOR THE CORRECT DATE AND TIME! WE REQUIRE 24 HOURS NOTICE FOR ANY CANCELLATIONS OR CHANGES TO YOUR APPOINTMENT. FAILURE TO PROVIDE SUFFICIENT NOTICE WILL RESULT IN YOUR CARD BEING CHARGED A $25 CANCELLATION FEE. Once the appointment is booked, there is NO exception, including appointments booked same day or appointments claiming to be made in error, not providing ID/BirthCert,etc. These time slots are high demand and this policy is in place to protect our artists as well as ensure fair availability to all clients.